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Kızılay Tent & Textile
The tent sewing atelier founded by Kızılay in 1954 for the purpose of helping disaster victims in terms of accommodation has grown in years and Kızılay's tent sewing capabilities have improved day by day. In 2019, Kızılay Tent & Textile was established to further improve the expertise in the industry and generate more revenue by diversifying the product range and sales channels in order to convert this revenue into "more benevolence." Kızılay Tent & Textile provides fast solutions by manufacturing the products needed in its field of expertise at the highest standards with an innovative approach.


Ankara Tent Production Center
The Ankara Tent Production Center is one of the largest facilities in Europe with a daily production capacity of 250 tents on average.
Erzincan Tent Production Center
The facility, which is established on a 1,000-m2 indoor area, manufactures tents and provides maintenance and repair services.
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