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Is it possible to set up a heating system inside the general purpose tent?

There are smoke holes designed for heating on the sidewalls of the entrance door of general purpose tents and the desired heating system can be set up.

What should be done when the frame of the inflatable tent is damaged?

It can be repaired with the repair kit (1 special bonding agent, a piece of PVC coated tarpaulin, 1 brush) provided to you during your purchase. In case of major damages, we can repair the damage or replace the frame.

Is it possible to expand the windows and internal structure of the disaster tent?

If desired, windows can be expanded and the entrance can be added to the internal area.

Is it possible to individually set up the inflatable tent?

While the inflatable tents vary by their m2 coverage, a 56-m2 inflatable tent, for example, can be set up in 4.5 minutes. When opened and folded correctly, the tent can be easily set up by a single person.

Is it necessary to provide a constant air supply after inflating the inflatable tent?

The tent can be used for 30 days after inflation without an additional air supply.  Constantly changing weather conditions may shorten this period.

Is the disaster tent suitable for personal/family use?

It is suitable for personal and family use for all climates and terrains thanks to its roominess, easy set-up, as well as its flame-retardant and waterproof properties.

Is it possible to remove the side windows of the pavilion tent?

Side curtains comprise 4 separate parts. Depending on the use, side curtains can be rolled up and fixed, or they can be set up on the desired wall(s) or none of the walls.

Is it possible to inflate the inflatable tent with a car battery?

Electricity or a generator is required to be able to inflate the inflatable tent.

Is it possible to compartmentalize the general purpose tent?

General purpose tents can be divided into compartments or rooms as desired.

Is the pavilion tent wind-resistant?

The aluminum pipes of the tent can be anchored to the ground with the stakes located at the legs.

Is it possible to individually set up the pavilion tent?

Pavilion tents can be easily set up thanks to the lightweight aluminum tubes and east structure.

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