Ever since 1868, Kızılay has committed itself to help disaster-stricken people and established the tent sewing atelier in 1954 to offer aid for accommodation as well. Due to the depletion of the existing tent stocks in the aftermath of the Fethiye and Bolu earthquakes in 1957, it was decided to expand the atelier and improve its capabilities.

In 2005, the Tent Production Center was restructured as an enterprise. The enterprise, which changed its name to Accommodation Systems Production Enterprise in 2009, improved its production models over the years and Kızılay's tent sewing capabilities farther progressed. Thanks to the tent production facilities in Ankara and Erzincan, Kızılay became the main producer of high-quality disaster tents that can be used for long periods of time in domestic and foreign humanitarian aid efforts. With its long-standing knowledge and modern, high-capacity facilities, Kızılay started offering new and modern tent models to Turkey and the world, thus having a say in the industry.

Restructured under the name of Kızılay Tent & Textile in 2019, our corporation is able to meet the temporary accommodation needs for all types of natural and man-made disasters, thanks to its modern and reliable facilities as well as the efficient and effective quality control and process monitoring systems.

The product portfolio of Kızılay Tent & Textile is expanded in parallel with its areas of sales. In addition to tents, the production of personal protective equipment, and textiles has also started at the modern and high-capacity production facilities with the efforts of expert and experienced technical personnel.
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